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Make Your Investments
Count - Invest in the Mission

Gifts of Stocks and Securities

The investments you have made can be transferred to Step as a way of investing in those working to overcome addiction. Beyond the societal impact ROI, there are additional benefits for donors choosing this type of gift.

You may avoid capital gains taxes when donating publicly traded stocks that have been held long-term (owned for more than one year). You are also able to report the fair market value of the gift on the date it is transferred (rather than the amount you originally paid) as a charitable deduction on your income taxes.

If interested in making this type of gift, contact our Director of Fund Development and Marketing, Amy Shaw at or 720-439-8487 to receive account details to be shared with your broker. Once the transfer is confirmed you will receive a gift receipt for your records.

Gifts of Property

Donors who contribute land or real estate have the potential to not only sustain Step for years to come but to increase our residents’ chance of achieving long-term sobriety by 75%. By gifting Step with a home to be used for our sober living phase, you can expand access for men to have the additional time needed in a safe, structured, accountable community.

Prior to accepting gifts of this type, Step’s Board of Directors will conduct careful review to ensure Step can carry out the responsibilities required when taking on new property.

If interested in donating property to Step, contact our Director of Fund Development and Marketing, Amy Shaw at 720-439-8487 to provide details and begin discussion.