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We Believe That
Work Works

It takes work to see progress in every part of life. Work is what fosters self-respect, self-esteem, and dignity. It’s how to take responsibility, overcome failure, and become contributing members of society. Recovery only works if you put in the work.

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Job Information and Requirements

At Step, we believe that there truly is no free lunch. That’s why we require – and help – every resident to get (and keep) full-time, tax-paying, payroll employment. This requirement helps our men learn how to be responsible and provide for themselves. It builds self-esteem and moves them closer to becoming self-sufficient members of society.

Our rules for employment are:
  • All work must be full-time
  • No part-time, temporary, or under-the-table cash jobs allowed
  • Men must be hired as permanent employees
  • Jobs need to be tax-paying positions
  • Hours must meet program schedule requirements

Career Counseling

From day one you will meet with our Career Counselor. During this time, you will get guidance and help in obtaining employment. Once you’ve been working hard at your recovery and your job, the Career Counselor will be available to help you find a next level job or a career with a higher income and the chance to save for your transition from Step.

This will help you:
  • Obtain full-time employment
  • Establish financial savings
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Get introduced to organizations that offer  training opportunities
  • Find higher-paying, career-oriented employment

Our Program, Step by Step

Work doesn’t just come in the form of employment. Here, you have to work hard in all areas of your life—including your sobriety and recovery—every day. Our Steps for Success program has four phases to help lead you in the right direction and give you the tools you need to succeed. By joining our strong Peer Recovery Community, you’ll meet other men who are either going through, or have been through, the same things you are. Together with these men and your Recovery Support Manager—an alumnus of the Step Denver program—you’ll set goals, complete assignments, and gain the knowledge, tools, and support you need to overcome your addiction.

Are You Ready to Put in the Work?

Hire Our Men

Contact information:

Trying to fill your full-time employment jobs? We’ve got the perfect candidates. Contact our Career Counseling Manager, Mark McCright, at 720-370-3276 or to learn more.

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Our Four Phases


Phase One:


When you enter the program, the number one goal is to take you out of the survival-mode frame of mind by giving you a safe, stable, and secure place to start your recovery.


Phase Two:


Phase Two gives you the tools you need to stay sober in the real world. Recovery meetings and groups will explain the reasons you drink or use, and help you develop coping skills to overcome those triggers.


Phase Three:


Phase Three of our program helps you begin looking beyond Step. You’ll begin building outside support systems and resources and create a plan that will help you transition to a safe, sober living environment.

Community (Sober Living)

Phase Four:

Community (Sober Living)

Transitioning to one of our sober living homes is the final phase of Step’s program. These homes help you slowly re-enter the community with additional privileges while maintaining the structure and support of a peer recovery community.