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Spare Change
for Real Change



By using spare change from your everyday purchases, you can make real change happen at Step Denver. Every year, we do all we can to help more men and by chipping in with this additional support you can help make that possible. Because we are able to stretch every $1 donated into $7 of impact, even your spare change can have a ripple effect on our men, their families, and the community at-large.

You can now round up purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Step.

For example, on a purchase of $12.47, the remaining 53 cents would be donated – a simple, automated, and secure way to give. You can set a monthly limit, track contributions, and pause at any time. Get started by linking your account using this form.

Thank you for taking one more step to help our men find freedom from addiction. There are many ways to be a part of this mission and every bit makes a difference.

Spare Change FAQ

Below are answers to questions you may have about the process, but please also feel free to call us at 720-439-8487.

Security and data protection:
Online banking credentials are never stored. All data is secured with SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication. Your personal data will never be exchanged, licensed or sold, and all transactions are anonymous to ensure privacy.

Linking bank account:
Logging into your bank allows this platform to round up to the nearest dollar when you make purchases and donate your “spare change” to Step Denver. Your bank login credentials, account information, and purchasing details are never shared with Step Denver and are never stored.

Automated giving:
Roundups are tallied until they reach $5. Once $5 is reached, the donation is triggered and transferred to Step Denver. This way, your bank statement doesn’t become overwhelmed with micro-charges.

Tax receipt process:
You will receive automatic monthly statements of your contributions to the email address connected to your account, sent from the payment processor. Step Denver will additionally send a summary of all of your donations for the previous year in January so you will have documentation for your tax needs.