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Four Pillars
For Success


The only way to break free from the stronghold of your addiction is to commit to 100% sobriety. Abstaining from all mind-altering substances allows you to be fully present in your recovery and find success in all areas.

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At Step Denver, “putting in the work” means more than just a job, but that’s certainly part of it. That’s why we require you to have full-time employment, which will help you develop self-respect by learning how to provide for yourself. Work is also effort—which is what you’ll need to put into your recovery and life in order to see real progress.

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Having personal accountability is vital to your success. It’s taking responsibility for your actions, making the effort to change how you think and act, admitting your mistakes, doing what you say you’re going to do, and being honest with yourself and others.

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Being surrounded by a strong community and support system is important to long-term sobriety and recovery. Here, you’ll immediately be accepted into our brotherhood of men. They understand what you’re going through, are working toward the same goal, and can help you reach yours.

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