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Our Donors

"Why We Give"

Raoul and Karen Clark

“Step Denver offers hope and a path to a fulfilling life for desperate men. Step provides a unique environment, carefully balancing compassion and accountability for alcoholics on their recovery journey; leading to self respect and sobriety.” – Raoul


“Those struggling with addiction tend to lose hope and are unable to see that their lives can be different. Step Denver gives men hope, light and new skills for a new beginning. Bravo!” – Karen

Jennifer and Nick Cox

“In 2015, a friend of mine lost their wallet and it was returned by a Step Denver resident with all contents intact. I was so impressed by his actions that I made my first donation to Step Denver, and I’ve been supporting ever since.” -Nick


“As residents of Downtown Denver, we have been truly concerned about the number of people living on the streets. Touring Step Denver, the first thing you notice is how warm and welcoming it is for all who enter. The staff really cares about helping men beat their addictions, repair broken relationships, and rebuild life skills so they can get back to leading productive and happy lives. We are proud to be supporters.” -Jennifer

Deanna Cook

“I appreciate all you do to help curb addiction and help homeless addicts – even in the face of ever-growing societal destruction which makes it almost impossible for our loved ones to overcome addiction. A dear friend of mine struggles daily and can never escape the massive levels of ‘pushing’ at the street level which exists on every single block in Downtown Littleton. I fear he will one day soon need help like yours so I am trying to support Step Denver when I can. Paying it ‘in advance’ I guess, and hopefully helping others in the process.” – Deanna

Timothy H.

“I didn’t just find sobriety at Step, I found myself. I found long forgotten self-respect. I found a way to be a productive member of society and contribute to the general good of the community. I have witnessed miracles at Step, and seen men from ALL walks of life succeed.


“Step is free to do this the way they know best in part because they rely on private, not government, funding. It is essential to the community at large that Step is well funded in this way.


“This is why I give to Step Denver – why I give back to Step Denver. So that these fine people may continue to offer men the tools they need to find, and put into practice, the inherent goodness in themselves.”

Our Corporate Partners

Our Top Foundation Partners

Daniels Fund

Caring for Denver Foundation

Recovery Foundation

The Anschutz Foundation

Galena Foundation

The Nord Family Foundation

Adolph Coors Foundation

Gerald John Kaufman Jr. Foundation

Nagel Foundation

William H. Donner Foundation

Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust

The Virginia W. Hill Foundation

Anschutz Family Foundation

El Pomar Foundation

Turning Point Foundation

Donor Notes to Our Men

Our donors are frequently given the opportunity to connect with our men personally. These notes of encouragement are displayed on a wall where residents can see them daily, and serve as an important reminder that their support system extends outside the walls of Step.