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Sean Hoy, New
Director of Programs

“It is with great pleasure that we announce Sean Hoy’s promotion to Director of Programs. Sean started his relationship with Step as a resident, then becoming the Intake Coordinator, then promoted to Recovery Support Manager, and now he assumes the role of guiding the Programs Team. We could not be prouder of Sean’s recovery journey and his professional development!” – Paul Scudo, Executive Director

Sean Hoy entered the program in January of 2016 and couldn’t have imagined he would eventually land in a leadership role here at Step. "It's an honor to be promoted to the position of Director of Programs. Starting as a resident and now being where I'm at today, it is incredible to see the changes the program can make in one's life if they're willing to let those changes happen."

Certified as a Colorado Peer and Family Specialist (recovery coach) since 2017, Sean is devoted to working diligently with the Programs Team to ensure that Step upholds its core principles and provides the best services to as many men in need as possible.

You can learn more about Sean via Step Denver's new podcast called GRIT. He is featured in the latest episode: "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Sean's story is a cautionary tale often told to teens. In his case it was absolutely true - with very real consequences and a fast downward spiral. It all started with a kid offering him a pill on the school bus... "game over." By senior year of high school... "absolute spiral." But it doesn't end there. This is Sean's experience:

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