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A Hand Up Not a Hand Out

Overview of Our Program
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Step Denver is a men’s residential recovery community that helps low-income men overcome the consequences of addiction and rebuild their lives through sobriety, work, and accountability. The ultimate goal of the Step Denver program is to have its residents transition to safe, sober living environments where they may become productive, contributing members of their communities.

Sobriety, work, and accountability is the path to
personal responsibility.

Step Denver provides a structured environment that offers addiction recovery programming based on the Peer Recovery Support Model. Our men participate in Recovery Education Groups, 12 Step Fellowship Meetings, and are assigned a Recovery Support Manager that assists the residents in setting and reaching goals in all areas of their lives. In addition, Step Denver offers its residents life skills training that includes physical fitness, nutrition, financial budgeting, and family restoration, along with recreational and spiritual activities, to help provide self-care and life balance. In our Career Counseling program, residents have access to education, counseling, opportunities and placement for employment, and career development.

Peer recovery allows us to overcome together that which we could not on our own.

Men, 21 and older, seeking to enter Step Denver may complete a telephone or walk-in interview and background check to apply for admission into the program. Due to city and county laws governing facilities of this type and to ensure a safe environment, Step Denver is not permitted to admit men convicted of severely violent or sexual offenses. There is no initial cost to be admitted to Step Denver. However, with the goal of the residents being accountable for their living costs, men will be required to pay $15/day, $75/week or $200/month for fees once obtaining employment. Residents will also purchase and prepare their own food in the resident kitchen.

Guiding Principles

  • A person cannot be helped to overcome their addiction until they are ready to take personal responsibility for their past, present, and future actions.
  • Self-sufficiency – without dependence on another individual, organization, or the government – is fundamental to one’s dignity and self-worth.
  • A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out – Assisting individuals in taking personal responsibility for making the necessary changes in their lives without dependency on any person, organization, or institution.
  • Work Works – the philosophy that effort in all facets of one’s life, including gainful employment, is the foundation for success.
  • Peer Recovery Support – having others who have had similar experiences to assist in the recovery process – is an important component for long-term recovery.

For additional information or to apply please call 303-295-STEP (7837) or visit our How To Apply page here.