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Our Men

Who We Are

Men are lying on blankets on the sidewalks and streets, two blocks from Step Denver’s location on Larimer Street near Coors Field.  It is not just a handful of individuals, but dozens or hundreds, and the numbers seem to be growing. This picture is not limited to the streets of downtown Denver – it is rapidly becoming endemic throughout Colorado and throughout our nation. 

Many of these individuals see no way forward or any way out because they don’t see a path to turning their lives around. Many suffer from the disease of addiction, which strips a person of purpose and hope – the result is that the homeless population grows by the hundreds and thousands every year.

The disease of addiction does not discriminate. Our clients range in age from 21 to 63 with an average age of 41. The men are from all racial, religious preference, educational level and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While most of our residents are from the Denver metro area, there are a number of men who are from various areas in Colorado and the United States.

Men who come into our doors operate out of a deep drive to drink and do drugs, but don’t know how to change their behavior. Our one-of-a-kind program uniquely breaks down the recovery process for these men and empowers them to take small steps forward that eventually become big steps. We then help them fill in the missing pieces of their lives.

Step Denver, with our Peer Recovery-based Community, shows men that there is hope for restoring the problems in all phases of their lives:

  • The men work a program of recovery for their disease of addiction.
  • They obtain full-time, tax paying, payroll check jobs to begin the process of personal responsibility.
  • The men rebuild trust and family relationships.
  • They learn that they can be joyful again, that it’s okay to show emotion, and that it’s alright for one man to help another man.
  • We focus on restoring their humanity, self-esteem, and physical health. We give them the ability to help others that follow in the program – to, in essence, pay it backwards.

In doing the above, our residents become productive, contributing members of their communities with a sense of pride and self-respect that was missing before. They establish a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and dignity. We are proud of our men and the efforts they undertake to rebuild their lives. Change begins within, and Step Denver provides the ‘Hand Up’ to assist men in that process.