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Meet Taylor

Over a year ago, Step’s newest staff member Taylor Trice had plans to travel from his hometown of Lubbock, Texas to Beijing, China to teach English. But COVID-19 had a plan of its own! Unable to leave the country, Taylor found himself in Denver.

After spending three years in 13 different treatment programs trying to establish long-term sobriety in Texas, Taylor moved here to pursue a relationship and a career endeavor. Both the relationship and the job opportunity ended up not working out. Taylor relapsed, eventually finding his way to Step. With a background in education, Taylor was able to find a job working at a pre-school while establishing his life in recovery.

Today, Taylor has been sober for 8 months and recently accepted a position as Step’s Weekday Overnight Facility Coordinator. What’s different this time? Taylor has a simple answer – “The respect. You get treated with the utmost respect here and you’re taught to grow up with that respect. I’m here because I choose to be here, not because someone told me to be here.”

Taylor takes great pride and joy being a part of something that allows parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends etc. to sleep at night, knowing their loved one is okay and working to be the best they can be. Taylor is immensely grateful for this opportunity.