Office: 303-295-7837 Vehicle Info: 303-296-9020

About Step Denver

Our Staff


Paul Scudo, Executive Director

Vincent Turnbull, Director of Operations

Jessica Yadon, Executive Assistant


Vehicle Donations

Stephanie Landree, Director of Vehicle Donations

Rick Ferguson, Assistant Director of Vehicle Donations


Marketing and Development

Jordan Fouts, Director of Marketing and Development




Patrick McNamara, Director of Programs

Jacob Merrion, Recovery Support Manager

Sean Hoy, Recovery Support Manager

Tye Stovall, Director of Programs

Santiago Ceja, Recovery Support Manager

Abe Hansen, Admissions Coordinator

Eddie Torres, Facilities Coordinator

Travis Michael, Facilities Coordinator

Robert Villers, Weekend Facility Coordinator

James Whitehouse, Weekend Facility Coordinator

Cameron Coker, Weekend Facility Coordinator

Matthew Kish, Weekend Facility Coordinator

Renata Moore, Goodwill Career Counselor