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Gratitude, Schmatitude.  Right?

It is my modus operandi to take things for granted. ‘I deserve this.’  ‘I should get that.’  ‘I am entitled to the things that I want.’  Key word, ‘want’.  Not earned.  Not needed.  Want. Selfishness, self-centeredness, and ego drive my thoughts and actions. As addicts, our diseased mind is wired to think and feel this way. Therefore, it was important for me to un-learn and de-program that way of thinking if I was to ever have a fulfilled and better life.

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Donate to Step Denver for CO Gives Day!

Donate to Step Denver for CO Gives Day and a portion of the $1 million Incentive Fund will go directly to us! That’s free money added onto your tax-deductible donation! Click the image and be sure to select the “CO Gives Day” button under Donation Frequency so your gift goes towards the $1 million Incentive Fund.

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