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Work Works

Employment Fosters Self Respect, Self Esteem & Dignity
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Step Denver believes in ‘Work Works’ – the philosophy that effort, in all facets of one’s life including gainful employment, is the foundation for success. The dignity and sense of accomplishment that comes with the effort required of work is fundamental to rebuilding and maintaining an individual’s self-respect.

Step Denver is privileged to have partnerships throughout the community, which allows us to have a full-time, dedicated Career Counseling Manager. While in their first week at our facility, new residents work with the Career Counseling Manager and attend classes focused on employment, career development and discussing how the dignity of work can be a positive component of addiction recovery. The men also work independently with the Career Counseling Manager to create a cover letter and resume, develop interviewing skills, and apply/follow-up for employment.

Effort, in all facets of one’s life including gainful employment, is the foundation for success.

We do not allow our men to accept part-time, temporary, or under-the-table cash jobs. Each resident is required to obtain permanent, full-time, tax-paying, payroll check employment. Through our community partnerships, 95% of our residents obtain employment within two weeks of entering our program and 99% of our men are employed within one month of their admission. We are pleased that we are able to assist our men with acquiring employment, which helps with their self-confidence, self-esteem and the goal of self-sufficiency. Because we have the fortune of our men gaining employment through this process, we do not hire our men out to the public or private sector for temporary jobs.

After a period of time in our program, our men have the opportunity to continue their work with the Career Counseling Manager. Residents look for ‘next level’ employment – employment that focuses on their career aspirations and provides them increased income that they can contribute towards their savings to transition into the next phase of the program. They are introduced to organizations that offer them additional opportunities for training and career development resources. Our goal is to have our men graduate the program with a career plan that will assist them and motivate them to stay on the path to success.

Thank you to those who supported our organization in the past by providing our residents short-term work. With our solid partnerships in the community and the success we have had with job placement, we are proud to say that we are no longer dependent on the public to provide our men with work.

If you would like to hire our men for permanent, full-time, payroll check positions, please reach out to our Career Counseling Manager, Mark McCright, at 720-370-3276.