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Step Denver recently received a generous donation of a 2005 Toyota 4-Runner from longtime supporter Robert W. Robert stated that he donated his vehicle to Step because “I truly believe in the work that you do”. He went on to tell us that he has seen firsthand what the disease of addiction can do to a person. “I have both family members and friends that suffer from addiction,” said Robert, and he wanted to continue to support the work that we do here at Step Denver.

The Step Denver Vehicle Donation program was started over 12 years ago by former Board Member Wendy Bergen as a way to bring in additional revenue to fund our mission and to provide our donors with another option to help support the men we serve. The program has proven to be a vital part of our revenue stream. “Because Step does not accept any government funding, we rely on the support of private citizens to keep our doors open for the men who need help and vehicle donations are a big part of that,” said Stephanie Landree, Director of Vehicle Donations. The goal of Step Denver is to get the maximum value for our supporters’ vehicle donations in order to provide the most help it can to its men. Additionally, this provides the donor with the highest tax deduction possible. We accept vehicles regardless of their condition, running or not. At the beginning of the donation process, we assess how we can best utilize your gift, weighing its repair needs in comparison to the value for which it could be sold. Once completing this process, we sell the vehicle, collect the proceeds, and then send the donor a 1098 C tax form for the gross amount for which the vehicle was sold. “It was so easy!” Robert shared.

Step Denver is truly grateful to its generous donors and we could not provide this vital program for our men without the help of the community. Because of donations like the one we received from Robert W., our men will continue their path to recovery. One resident received his first paycheck in over 5 years by obtaining a job through our workforce development program. Another resident, through our dental program was able to have a set of dentures created and now has a full set of teeth for the first time in over 10 years! These are just a few of the examples of what we are able to achieve through the funds generated from the donations of vehicles. A car donated is a future created! If you are thinking of donating a vehicle or know someone who is, please call us at 303-296-9020 or visit our website at